My name is Gabrielle Christensen and I accepted Jesus into my life in the back of a car with my mom when I was 6 years old. Church has always been an important part of my life, but I found my own faith. I was not raised into it.

The moment that I truly surrendered everything and shared my testimony publicly to my friends was on my mission trip to Haiti in March of 2017. I was humbled by the people I encountered. My spirit was renewed by the children we were involved with and the bonds I made with my team. Seeing how the poverty and destruction that enveloped the country had not devastated the hospitality and love the Haitian people had for each other taught me that I had to trust in God.

I also met a man named James. He gave his testimony and it totally flipped my perspective. I confessed the darkness that had corrupted my life and how broken I still felt. At the same time I desired to move forward and be a leader; not a victim. James was on the other end of my testimony. He had been through much harder times, and yet we stood on the same ground as Christians. Every single person, no matter how far gone, can be forgiven, healed, and given another chance. I finally found forgiveness those that hurt me. I finally moved forward and I decided to be baptized and received freedom through Jesus Christ. I was baptized in the waters of Haiti on the last day of our mission trip, but it was the first day of my journey back home to share my story and teach people that the decisions you make have an impact on you and everyone around you. Also, to share that there is no going it alone. With Jesus, you are never truly alone.

Throughout my life I have had support and it has made me who I am today. Every sports team, night at youth group, day avoiding the wrong crowds, being at school, trusting my mentors, and seeking to find answers has allowed me to succeed. Throughout all of the hardship I have endured, I graduated high school with honors. I will continue to play sports, go to college, and will continue to seek God’s face in everything that I experience. I now know that the evil that we experience is not from God. Nor does He wish bad things to happen. He is my Father. He freed me from the horrors I endured and He is rooting for me everyday. Just like my Dad has at every game I have ever played.

This is my story and I will continue to live my life with in faith and with the Holy Spirit as a compass to guide me through whatever I will go through.