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Ever had one of those “ah ha” moments? Were you look at everything going on in your life and just realize why all of it has happened or is happening? That’s the moment I had as I was on a plane on my way back from Denver, Colorado today. No like oh my life has sucked because I need to be a better person but an “ah ha” this is what the Lord has been putting me through because all he wanted was for me to be closer to him. Honestly I don’t know what the plan is for my life or even what I want to do with it but that is the point. It’s not my decision. Natalie Grant said it best “ Its hard to stand on shifting sand, its hard to shine in the shadows of the night. You cant be free if you don’t reach for help”. I say I had an “ah ha” moment because this song came one as we were literally mid air to Houston and it all hit me. I cannot stand on my own understanding and I’ve known that in my head but not in my heart. I’m in better hands now. Some of us have a moment of clarity, or the moment that like my youth pastor told me, “When was the moment in your life that you felt like you were just hit with a Mac Truck?” . Not meaning that your life is falling apart, unless it needs to for you to understand the mighty works in your life, but when was the moment in your life that you just sat back and understood everything that you had ever been told. Not just in your head, but your heart. For many years I pretended everything was fine, that if no one knew I was struggling so much physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and biblically then nothing was wrong. I got used to my “everything is alright, just grin and bear it” mask that I forgot what my real face looked like. But today I was reminded of the joy, music, laughter, love, peace, and strength that used to push me thru life. I want it back and that’s what 2016 will be. Will you find your “ah ha” moment?

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