Group Trips

Do I have to get vaccinated?


12Two Missions does not have the authority or qualifications to advise you on whether or not you should be vaccinated. We can say that some locations require certain vaccinations in order to enter the country, [...]

How big/small can my group be?


We require all custom group trips to have at least 10 participants. This ensures that the trip costs are affordable and there are enough participants to perform the ministry opportunities available. The maximum number of [...]

What does the trip cost cover?


For domestic locations, the trip cost covers food, lodging, supplies, on site transportation, ministry, cultural day activities, and logistics while on site. It DOES NOT cover travel to and from the ministry location. For foreign [...]

Can I drive?


If you prefer to, and are able to, you are more than welcome to drive to the ministry location. Please note that all costs for travel to and from the ministry location are not included [...]

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