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My Haiti experience was awesome, starting with support raising. It has always been hard for me to ask people for things, and more than that to receive free gifts. Therefore by asking people to support me was difficult, but turned out to be an awesome experience. Seeing God show up and covering all my expenses was unexpected even though I was told that the money would come. This was the beginning of the experience, but was also a great way to see God show up in my life.

God used Haiti to show me that Jesus is enough. All things in this life are temporary, and as we pursue the worthless things of the American Dream we tend to sacrifice the riches that God has for us. Everyone we talked to in Haiti said that they want to pursue God more, only a couple of them said that they wish their circumstances were better. This showed me that even though they have nothing, they want Jesus more than the next iPhone or Macbook computer. Is Jesus really enough?

One other thing to add would be that I talked to a lady that was currently practicing Voodoo, and even she tried to cover up her life with saying that she is Catholic. When I told her about the Gospel and what Jesus has done or is doing, her demeanor changed from being welcoming and inviting to not looking at me and hardly responding to conversation, she just looked outside the window. Her behavior reminds me of how we act when confronted with the truths of the Gospel. When others ask what we are going through we can give superficial answers to try to put on the persona of being a “Christian” but it is when we are confronted with the truths of the Gospel that we become ashamed of how we are living, or the sins that control our lives. This is where the change happens in our lives, we first have to be confronted with truth to see that we need to change. We also have to speak truth into those around us as God calls us to do, if people are not confronted with the truths of the gospel their lives can’t be transformed to mirror Christ.

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