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Last night at The Inn, our team of 17 testified to what God revealed to us on our mission trip to New Orleans this past Christmas Break. We knew we would be going down to NOLA with an INCREDIBLE ministry called 12Two Missions and partnering with a local church called Timothy Trumpet of Truth doing homeless ministry, street ministry, and community service work. What we found out while we were down there was that we would be doing seemingly mundane tasks at first glance (sorting fruit, loading groceries, serving soup to the those experiencing homelessness, talking to people in the French Quarter, etc.)— essentially, the ministry opportunities the church was doing on a day-to-day basis— and we were just providing extra hands to bring lift to the church’s ministry.

But here’s the thing— if we just did the tasks we were asked to do, it would have been mundane. But we found that when we invited Jesus into our mundane tasks, asked Him what He wanted us to know, listened to what He was whispering, and looked for people He was highlighting to us— it injected those seemingly-average moments with purpose. This is what it is like to “live on mission” — to invite Jesus into the day-to-day moments, walk in obedience to His voice, believe with expectancy for God to move. AND HE DID!

Life with Jesus is wild, hilarious, surprising, ridiculous, far from boring, and exceptional. It’s all about how we choose into moments. It’s about how we’re faithful in the little moments. We can consume culture, or we can create culture. It’s all about how we bring Kingdom to earth. It’s about living with the intention of blessing people with tangible examples of what comes from the overflow of Jesus’ reckless and prejudice-less love for the worst parts of us.

My best stories I have lived have been moments where I have listened to the Father’s voice & stepped out in courage when it didn’t make sense to do what He asked. And this trip was no different.

From attempting to give my personal Bible to a guy on the street out of obedience the Father was asking me to do all to find out that the guy was indeed praying for a Bible, but mine wasn’t the one he was wanting (lol grace from the Lord), to going up to people on the street and asking questions about their paintings that led to some crazy conversations about life/death, to living intentionally to bless the shop workers with the joy of the Lord, to entering into conversations with students without a clue in the world with what to say that ultimately led to breakthrough, to spending 7 hours helping out a frantic woman who had never flown before and had missed her flight. It’s all about living on purpose with the mission to bring Jesus’ love into spaces in the hope to shift the atmosphere to look a little more like Heaven.

It was a sweet reminder that the measure of our success is not dependent on the fruit that we see, but by our level of obedience to the Lord.
And even though I was sick all week, super stressed at points, felt defeated by the spiritual heaviness of the environment, and felt v v exhausted, I am so stinkin’ grateful for every moment of it. Thanks, Jesus, for allowing your strength to be perfected in my weakness.

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