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Talking about my sin is very difficult. I would bet that I am not the only one in this boat. Admitting my sin is something that is contrary to my nature. By nature I am referring to my sinful nature or flesh. That part of my inner being that rebels against the authority of God. We all struggle with sin on a daily basis. More often than not, that sin becomes a deep hinderance to living a missional life.

These sins can be anything. For some it may be cussing. Others tell lies. While others, like myself, battle with lust and the desires of the flesh. Not one sin is different from another, because they all have the same affect on our hearts, minds, and souls. Spiritual death!!!

As believers we are going to fight this losing battle for the rest of our lives on this Earth. I know… I know… That doesn’t necessarily inspire hope and motivation. This is the truth though. We will never be truly free from the affects of sin until these corrupt bodies of ours are transformed in the future glory promised to us on the day of Christ’s return. This is where our hope resides.

We hope for the future glory that awaits us which then motivates us to do our best to resist the urges and temptations of the flesh by choosing to walk in the Spirit on a daily basis now. We endure the daily struggle and battle knowing that the battle has already been won. Knowing that one day the fight will be over and our fortitude will be rewarded by the giver of life and sanctifier of our souls.

God never expected (after the fall) for us to act like perfected beings. All our righteousness is like used menstrual rags to Him. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Sure, He asks us to be holy because He is holy, but our holiness doesn’t come from doing what is right all the time. Our holiness comes from the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. He became sin on our behalf so that He could impute righteousness to us. As a result, this sets us free from the daily battle with sin.

I love how Paul describes our daily walk as a race. Imagine your life as a hurdle race in the Olympics. The hurdles represent sin in your life. As you run this race you are going to hit and trip over hurdles. The Devil wants to keep you from running the race by making you stop and focus on the hurdles that keep tripping you up. He wants you to focus on being perfect and expecting perfection from others around you. He wants you focusing on your sin, because it keeps you from running. It causes guilt and shame. It makes you feel unworthy to run the race and live in God’s will. It keeps you immobilized and useless. For some, we are chained to these hurdles and eventually give up the race.

Here’s the truth, Jesus died and rose so that you could be set free from this bondage. The Devil has tricked many believers in to thinking God still holds their sins against them. Don’t hear what I am not saying, there are consequences for your sin and God hates sin. However, Jesus made a way for us to live in freedom instead of fear. To not be chained down by our sin. Jesus gives us the hope and peace of knowing that when we trip over a hurdle and fall, we can get back up and keep running. We don’t have to stop. We are no longer forfeited from the race.

Paul tells us to run the race with endurance. To stay focused on the gold medal prize that awaits us at the end; Jesus and a share of His eternal glory. If you’re anything like me, this is a breath of fresh air. There is a catch to this though. It requires surrender. You must surrender your pride and sinful nature. It means being willing to bring your sins to light so they do not become chains of bondage. Confessing our sins, both to God and others, brings healing to our souls and sets us free to keep running the race.

My sinful lusts and desires of the flesh will be a battle that I will fight for the rest of my life. These are only a few of many sins that I battle with. It is my hope that by acknowledging my own sin and being willing to admit it to you, you in turn will be able to find freedom in the same way I have. A freedom that comes through the blood of Jesus that will motivate you to get back in the race and run it with an endurance. Run with peace of mind that will get you to the end.

If you are battling with sin, take the first step and confess it to God. Then find a trusted friend, mentor, or pastor, and confess it to them. Then, accept the consequences and get back in the race.

For those that have experienced the freedom that I am talking about, share your story below in the comments. Your story could be the difference between freedom and bondage for a fellow believer. That’s the truth!

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