So today, was almost like a normal day of mine. Wake up at 7, have breakfast, get dressed, then go to school. But today was a little different. Instead of me going to school, I went to see a woman named Marsha. Marsha is a widow who has been in a very tough time. With losing her husband and Mom in the same week in 2010, and now, because of Harvey, lost all she had. When I first met Marsha, I could see that she wasn’t at ease. When she proceeded to speak and introduce herself, I was ready for a story to hit my heart. Not a story that was heartbreaking. Marsha’s story touched me and put me in her shoes. I asked myself, “Where would I go?” and “Who would I even go to?” She felt alone. When she said this, it made me think of my “definition” of loneliness. My “alone” is when I have no one to text, play a game with, or having no one I can go out with. Yes, that may be some form of “alone”, but no where near what Marsha’s “alone” was. She lost her husband and mother in the same week! I don’t know about you, but the thought of losing my mother, makes me want to shut down. Something that stuck out to me was that even though she lost everything, she still looked to God. Her love and faith for God didn’t falter and was stronger than ever. She watched us tear her house up and throw away memory after memory with a smile on her face. She was happy that God had sent “angels” to help her. All my hard work and sweat helped cleanse her home symbolized the hard work and sweat God put into me to get me right. I’m giving back what’s been given to me.