I would have never thought that one week could change my life, but that is exactly what Haiti did! I have returned as a God fearing young woman, with a fresh perspective, new attitude, and a grateful heart. After a week full of praising Jesus, singing, dancing, laughter, inside jokes, tears, buckets and buckets of sweat, beetles, mountainous hills, and bear hugs… I have been transformed! Words sincerely do not do justice when trying to explain the monumental things God did in Haiti, and in my life. There is something so special about a small, sticky Haitian hand latching onto your’s while you trek up a hill (which feels like you are climbing a 14’er in blazing heat). Or when you see the smile on their face when they are given a bag of water. The simple things like that made this trip worthwhile.

Never in my life have I felt the closeness of Jesus, than in Haiti. He was so unbelievably evident. Maybe it’s because social media, technology, and all the other distractions didn’t consume me, but I have never felt so fulfilled by His presence. For weeks leading up to the trip I prayed that God would awaken me to something new, give me courage, and boldness to speak His truth. I asked Him to give me a heart to serve others in each moment, and focus in on what He was trying to teach me. God came through (as He always does) and gave me a brave spirit to serve. He did an immense amount of work deep inside me, furthermore creating a gateway to work through me.

While serving the Haitians, I was so taken back by their natural tendency to serve us. Every time we entered a house, while prayer walking, we were given chairs to sit in. Even though the individual we were praying for remained standing. That doesn’t sound like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it exemplified the selfless nature that so many Haitians demonstrate. In moments like these, I came to know more of the character of God. I understood His humility, and heart for His people. God taught me a great amount through the Haitian people. Their attitude of contentment, faithfulness, joyfulness, and humility was inspiring.

Throughout the trip, so many different emotions overwhelmed me. I felt joy, confusion, gratitude, sorrow, understanding, shock, and vulnerability. I wrestled with God about what He wanted me to do once I got home. After experiencing a week of full surrender to Him, I was afraid to go home to “real life” and its distractions. He reminded me that the mission field is not just in Haiti, but everywhere I go. We are all planting or watering seeds, and He is turning them into something beautiful. He is so incredibly powerful, and yet see’s the individual in the crowd. He works in such unique and personal ways. I have experienced his power, grace, and unconditional love in Haiti. I have seen Him bind up the brokenhearted, and uncover beauty lying within immense poverty. I have encountered Him do the impossible and change the lives of so many people, including mine. I wish everyone could be given this same opportunity. Thank you God!