I went into Houston a believer, closed off to people, full of laughter and lost. I left completely saved, freed, relieved, revived, with a group of new friends, bawling my eyes out and found. While I (poorly) built walls in a home destroyed by a flood, my walls were broken down and the damn I had built in my heart was released. I went in with a team for hurricane relief, but I am the one leaving relieved.

When God called me to Houston I could’ve given you a list of 25 reason why I couldn’t…or wouldn’t. Leaving I realize that list is actually pretty short: the enemy. He has had me bound in chains for so so long, and this flood of the century, that had nothing to do with my town, didn’t affect any of my family and had been all but forgotten by the country was what God used to get me to my breaking point; to free me from those chains.

I am leaving Houston nothing like I arrived. I’m tired, I’ve mastered peanut butter and jelly, have discovered Whataburger is nothing special, have friends spread across the country that I couldn’t imagine life without, and am truly, completely, and whole heartedly SAVED. I have been transformed!

The work in Houston is nowhere near done and neither is God’s work in me. My personal work here is not done either and I can already feel God pushing me to come back. So as I board my plane and leave a city that will now forever be an immensely important place to me I am full of joy, sadness, pride, and peace. This trip was exactly what I needed. All the glory be to God.