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Hey James!

I just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning feeling such freedom. Everyone in my family said that they noticed a visible change in me from the last time they saw me.

Anytime I feel anxiety coming on, I count it as the devil, turn on worship music, and begin to praise the lord. And I feel an instant lift.

I’m currently sitting at a coffee shop and I have been reading through the book of Job and spending time with the lord for the last 3 hours, and it feels so good, and I am gaining a lot of insight. You seriously helped bring such freedom into my life and I can’t tell you how thankful I am. Because I have not felt this way in years.

And as I was talking to my mom last night, she said that she feels like I’m not in the right major for what I’m studying right now. And I have felt that way for a while. So I’m actually looking at transferring to a private university in Seattle to study global ministry.

But yeah I just wanted to say thank you, because I can’t even describe how good I feel right now.

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