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Just going to apologize for texting so late but it’s night one for mission trip number 2 and for whatever reason I can’t fall asleep because all I keep hearing is “tell James”. So if it’s me needing to say it or you needing to hear it or both…here it is:

I want to thank you for sharing your testimony (yes,I know suuuuuper late on that) but it has cleared up any doubt I have had on God. Just being able to hear story after story of how He saved you still gives me goosebumps. I don’t know how someone can ever doubt after hearing your story. I guess as of late I had been having my doubts in religion in general. I just felt like I was just going through the motions with my faith and not really living it. But after NOLA I have this fire back in me that was missing. It feel like I have this deep understanding and belief of the power he has. The only word I can think to describe it is relief, like a weight lifted off my shoulders

I’ve been working on this ” breaking down walls” and I feel as if I say things out loud God hears it better (or it could of always been that way but I was too stubborn to do it). Today the pastor was talking about a parishioner who had passed away at a young age and in the midst of her sickness her mom asked her if she was mad at God for giving her cancer and she said no. And that loud and clear was my aunt, she never doubted in her faith, she never was angry at God. There is no reason for me to be mad. So I want to thank you for bringing me at peace with God. I don’t think I’ve felt this much peace with Him in a long time or if ever had been.

Soooooo please, please, please don’t ever stop what you’re doing. Keep planting seeds because what you do is really making a difference. Seeds are being planted everywhere because of you.

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