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The title is a little misleading, but we wanted to get your attention, because we are very excited about this announcement. The team was not actually purchased, but rather formed, but again we needed an attention grabbing title.

12Two Missions will be the parent organization for the youth baseball organization Cypress Slam. We believe that sports are a great path for our kiddos to learn structure, discipline, and countless life lessons. We also believe that the mission of 12Two and ultimately the kingdom will be furthered in ministering to the youth of our area through a youth sports program.

A Little Back Story

I am currently the PTO President for my kids school, and have built some strong relationships with several of the other board members. One of which is Shelley Cooper and her husband Roger. Over the last year and a half, Shelley and I have worked closely on several PTO projects, and other side projects. Last year, Shelley approached me about the ins and outs of starting a nonprofit, and in the length of that conversation found that our desires to start a select baseball team aligned. As a result, we began discussing the possibilities of starting a select baseball organization under the umbrella of 12Two Missions.

It is no secret that I love baseball, and have wanted to start a select team for the boys that I have been coaching in a recreation league for the last 3 years. After talking with Roger and Shelley, I believed that adding this program to the local community involvement aspect of this ministry was a no brainer. Roger and Shelley have agreed to run the program with the understanding between us that the program would one day become independent of 12Two Missions.

Cypress Slam

As stated above, the team name will be Cypress Slam, and our first team in the 9U division is already in the process of forming with tryouts just announced. The team will be competing in local tournaments starting this Spring. We are all very excited to see how God open doors for ministering to these young boys through a game that is so ripe with teaching opportunities.

In the fall, I will be starting our second team in the 11U division for the boys that I have been coaching in the recreational league. Our hope is to have a team competing in every age division within the next couple years.

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